Friday, February 25, 2011

Submission Form

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Please print the following form to be handed in during the submission process:

Monday, February 7, 2011


     UWM Art History graduate students are curating an exhibition which explores the space of the artist book, in particular the dynamic relationship between image and text.  The show will highlight a trend or movement away from the use of text in the space of the book, relying instead on imagery, sequence and formal structure as primary means of the transmission of ideas.  In the book, what does an artist’s privileging of image over text reveal about new concepts of pictorial and verbal communication?  In this spirit, artists are called to submit original works that interrogate the fluctuating relationship between image and text in the book by responding to influential works of literature, including but not limited to poetry, prose, memoir, and journalistic writings.  The exhibition will be held in the UWM Art History Gallery, April 7-21, 2011. 

Submission Guidelines:
·         Respond visually to your choice of text, examples include but are not limited to:
o   Poetry
o   Lyrics
o   Political or historical documents
o   Literature etc.
·          2-D and 3-D works must not exceed 50lbs in weight or 3 ft. in length in any one direction.
·         All 2-D works must be hanging ready.
·         No electronic or computer operated entries will be considered.
·         Each artist may submit up to two pieces
When and Where?
·         UWM Gallery, Mitchell Hall 154 at 3203 N. Downer Avenue
·         All entries must be dropped off in person at Mitchell Hall 158 on March 18, from 12-7pm.
·         All works not accepted must be picked up at Mitchell Hall 158 on March 21, from 12-7pm.
·         Accepted entries must be picked up on April 21, from 12-7 in the UWM Gallery.

Questions and Inquiries:

 ·   Contact Melissa Seifert at
 ·   Artists will be notified of acceptance via e-mail.